In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

This website, with the help of God, is a voluntary platform that serves education and learning in traditional Arab and Islamic countries and is for all, and also for the refugees in countries around the world, especially those who are desperate in life. This will be done in a very limited simple framework which will only focus on spreading the passion for education and learning. The passion for education and the admiration of education, regardless of one’s social standing, has been lost due to the tyranny of materialism and the glamor of life today. Therefore religous learnings will be used as motivating spirit. There is hope that Arabs and Muslims will one day return with valuable contribution to science, industry, and literature as did their ancestors of different races. Muslims in general now constitute an important part of the global population, about 25%, so their contribution to science, industry, and literature will have great influence. This platform will try to contribute as much as possible in this charitable field. The name of this platform “Proof and Light” is taken from the Quranic verse: “O people! A proof has come to you from your Lord, and We sent down to you a clear light”Women 174, link.

  The interest in spreading passion for education and learning among people in Arab and Islamic countries stems from their great contributions to science in the past, so it is believed that they have latent potentials.

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